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Oracle EF Core 6 incorrectly truncating long column identifiers in generated queries

User_DGS09Jul 28 2022 — edited Jul 28 2022

I am trying to migrate an existing app from Oracle EF Core 2.19.60 to the latest 6.21.61 (using 19c DB).
We have many tables with column identifiers longer than 30 characters. All columns are explicitly annotated with their names in the C# entities. Oracle compatibility is set to version 12, and max identifier length is the default 128bytes.
The generated queries involving these long column names work correctly in the older Oracle EF Core Version, but using the latest EFC6, they are automatically truncated to 30 characters, and given a random postfix. This breaks the queries because these truncated identifiers do not exist in the database.
Am I missing some new required configuration to stop Oracle EF Core unnecessarily truncating column identifiers in the queries it generates?

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Added on Jul 28 2022