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Oracle DB RPM patch/update packages

user-3rptxAug 22 2023


I am running a 19c installed using RPM packages. There is a patch (19.19) that I need to install on top of that and it looks like there is no RPM package for that, only ZIP with binary patch kit.

The RPM owns the files it installed and if I manually (using the patch kit) rewrite/update some of the installed files, the RPM package manager will think that the package is corrupt and perhaps the system got compromised (malware, etc.), and if I do any system update, it might attempt to revert the changed files.

So simply not a good idea. Is there any way to install patches or updates using RPM? If not, then the whole RPM does not make any sense and should not be used or offered at all.


This post has been answered by user-3rptx on Aug 28 2023
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Added on Aug 22 2023
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