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Oracle Database Objects and .Net Entity Framework and Bulk Operations?

m971668Dec 8 2023

Reading "Object-Relational Developer's Guide", I am confused as to whether one should create Oracle Database object types or ignore Oracle Database object types. Do they have a use in creating the object-relational model using .Net Entity Framework? Does using Oracle Database types make the database operations between the client application and the database more efficient? Does it allow for bulk database operations ( insert, update, merge, delete )? Does it allow for bulk object retrieval without a SQL SELECT statement ( .Net C# code embedded select or a PL/SQL packaged sys_refcursor , or a PL/SQL collection )? Do specific database object tables need to be created, or can existing relational tables be used and these records be exposed to the application as Oracle Database object types?

Is there a use case for Oracle Database object types in database-web applications ORM?

This post has been answered by Alex Keh-Oracle on Dec 8 2023
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Added on Dec 8 2023