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Oracle Database Service's Unexpected Behaviour

Smit PatelOct 26 2016 — edited Nov 21 2016

Hi Experts,

I observed strange behavior regarding oracle database services:

My setup :

Primary :NODDB : 2 node RAC

Physical Standby :NODDR : 2 node RAC

My service configuration is :

$ srvctl config service -s nodpms -d noddb

Service name: nodpms                                                        

Server pool:                                                                

Cardinality: 1                                                              

Disconnect: false                                                           

Service role: PRIMARY                                                       

Management policy: AUTOMATIC                                                

DTP transaction: false                                                      

AQ HA notifications: true                                                   

Global: false                                                               

Commit Outcome: false                                                       

Failover type: SELECT                                                       

Failover method: BASIC                                                      

TAF failover retries: 180                                                   

TAF failover delay: 5                                                       

Connection Load Balancing Goal: LONG                                        

Runtime Load Balancing Goal: NONE                                           

TAF policy specification: NONE                                              


Pluggable database name: nodpm                                              

Maximum lag time: ANY                                                       

SQL Translation Profile:                                                    

Retention: 86400 seconds                                                    

Replay Initiation Time: 300 seconds                                         

Session State Consistency:                                                  

GSM Flags: 0                                                                

Service is enabled                                                          

Preferred instances: noddb1                                                 

Available instances: noddb2                                                 

So My preferred node is noddb1 and Available node is noddb2. And the role for this service is PRIMARY.

So as per my understanding this service should not be up, when datbase role is physical standby.

Now My observations are:

I Switchover to NODDR database. So NODDB will become Physical standby and nodpms service is going down automatically as expected.

Now If I will reboot NODDB-2 (which is currently in physical standby role), then nodpms service becomes online on NODDB-1 server. This is not expected behaviour of database service. Because still database NODDB is physical standby and service role is PRIMARY.

Please provide your inputs/solution on this behavior.

Thanks and Regards,

Smit Patel

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