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Oracle data gaurd replication between Nonpartitioned table and Partitioned table

SAI RAM BDec 12 2023


Does Oracle data guard replication supports to replicate the non partitioned table at source to the partitioned table at target database server. The source and target table structure and datatype will be maintained same.

1. Historical DB (last 5 Years data and Non partitioned tables ) -- Source
2. New RAC DB --Target
3. Archival DB -- Target

If it supports from the historical DB ,i wanted to replicate it to the two new nodes ( DB servers), one is Oracle RAC DB and other is Archival DB.

Before replication i will create the required schema and transaction tables with last 5 years partitions and future 5 years on new RAC and archival DB the table structure and datatype will be maintained as per historical DB transaction tables.

Master tables will be replicated as it is without any partitions on target DB (RAC and archival)

After completing the replication ,will stop the replication and i can drop the old partitions (4 Years data )on RAC and maintain latest 1 year of data and make it live for application run.

AND in Archival i can drop the latest 1 year of partition and maintain the old 4 year of data.

Then on periodic basis the Archival and purging can be performed accordingly for data older than latest 1 year.

Is this possible through oracle data guard, the replication between the Non partitioned source tables and partitioned tables at target.?

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Added on Dec 12 2023
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