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Oracle Client Pro*C Compile Error PCC-F-02104 - Unable to Connect

User_EOL1QApr 16 2021 — edited Apr 25 2022

My current environment
Win10 64bit
Visual Studio 2015 with update 3
Oracle 12.2 64bit client with Pro*C
I'm compiling some Pro*C files and get inconsistent results
1st Build: I can compile the VS 2015 successfully and compile all 10 *.pc files.
2nd Build: I'll get the PCC-F-02104 - Unable to Connect even though I just ran build #1 literally 30 seconds ago and everything built O.K.
No files have been modified, so I'm not sure why I can't repeat the same build many times in a row without getting the unable to connect to Oracle even though the DB is up and nothing has changed in the *.pc files


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Added on Apr 16 2021
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