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Oracle client installation - Microsoft Transaction Server Plugin

blind3dMay 11 2022

Hello there,
I'm a total Oracle newbie, but I need to install an Oracle client on a Windows Server to use a piece of software. I know this the wrong forum, but I just don't know where to ask my question :(
During the installation an error occurs, claiming that the hostname exceeds 32 characters and the installation fails. I went to the log and figured out that the MTS Plugin is causing the issue on the creation.
I've read about an paramter that needs to be added during the creation process to avoid this error
oramtsctl.exe -new -host %IP%
Current command used accoring to the logs:
oramtsctl.exe -new -internal
But WHERE in god's name do I set this paramter? The Oracle client I'm trying to install is an 18c.
Ist there some ini or batch or sth else?
Thanks in advance!

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Added on May 11 2022