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Oracle BPM Issue

User_B89Z5Jan 9 2023

We are facing below error while evaluating Oracle BPM in our project (when we try to run the project). Please provide how to fix.
If we only deploy the process then it is successful but process is not visible in Oracle BPM owrkspace
[Running application TestBpmApplication on IntegratedWebLogicServer...]
[11:02:42 PM] ---- Deployment started. ----
[11:02:42 PM] Target platform is (Weblogic 12.x).
[11:02:42 PM] Running dependency analysis...
[11:02:42 PM] Deploying profile...
[11:02:42 PM] Deployment cancelled.
[11:02:42 PM] ---- Deployment incomplete ----.
#### Cannot run application TestBpmApplication due to error deploying to IntegratedWebLogicServer.
[11:02:42 PM] Unable to package module
[11:02:42 PM] null
[11:02:42 PM] Cancel requested
[Application TestBpmApplication stopped and undeployed from IntegratedWebLogicServer]

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Added on Jan 9 2023
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