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Oracle APEX - Referencing page item on Modal Dialog page using JavaScript

KatReedJul 15 2019 — edited Jul 15 2019

I am using Oracle APEX version on Google Chrome, and I have a question regarding referencing page items on a Modal Dialog page using JavaScript.

I will use the Sample App "Sample Database Application" to show an example of the problem I am having. On Page 2 of the application, when I click on a Customer's Name in order to edit his data, a modal dialog page (page 7) opens with details about the customer.


The problem: when I open the JavaScript console and try to print the customer's first name using $v("PAGE_ITEM_NAME"), an empty String is printed instead of the String "John". The name of the page item is P7_CUST_FIRST_NAME


I am only experiencing this problem on Modal Dialog pages. I am able to successfully print the value of page items on Normal/Non-Modal Dialog pages using JavaScript.

Does anyone know why I am unable to print the value of this page item using JavaScript?

Thank you.

This post has been answered by fac586 on Jul 15 2019
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Added on Jul 15 2019