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Oracle APEX - How to deal with Unresponsive Page when executing in SQL Command ?

Jasper TanglibApr 19 2021

In Oracle Apex 20.2, when I execute a simple Delete query, the page hangs and just gives off a pop up that says the page is unresponsive.
DELETE FROM wwv_flow_files where ID = 19575854524840376
Pop Up:
Not only does this occur when I execute a simple delete query but I also have other codes that triggers this issue such as loops and inserts.
I have already tried to do the following:
Log off from the workspace and relogged in.
Close all browsers and relogged in.
Restarted laptop.
After doing all of the above, I am still encountering the same issue. I have encountered this before but simply relogging into the workspace usually solved it but this time it has become more persistent.

How can I fix this issue?

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

This post has been answered by Jasper Tanglib on Apr 20 2021
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Added on Apr 19 2021