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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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Oracle apex 23.1 - Database Export and Import

SANPATFeb 16 2024

Dear Friends

Installed the Oracle on Laptop Version . On which Apex is installed . and pdb is created. Now from the Browser I am able to create the Tables,view Procedures etc., and based on that i am able to create forms .

Now i run the cmd : sqlplus with user as sys as sysdba with password . it gets login. then alter session set container = orapdb1.

everything getting fine upto here. but i am unable to see my tables which are created in Browser . How to see that .

I checked in the oracle developer. in which i login as sys as sysdba, and service as orapdb1. in that i have to go to other users and then in that i can see the tables. where as rather then going like this can i directly go to my ERP user.


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Added on Feb 16 2024