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Oracle APEX 22.2.0 - Date Picker displays days in the wrong weekday

Isaías SantosApr 2 2024

Hello everyone!

I'm using Oracle APEX version 22.2.0, and I'm having trouble using the default Date Picker, where it's displaying the days in the wrong position of the week, and sometimes not even showing at all…

As an example, today, April 2nd 2024, is a Tuesday, but in the Date Picker it's displayed as Sunday.

This item is using default values, nothing was modified, and you can also notice that, other than April 2nd being in the wrong place, April 1st isn't even in the list.

This only happens using the ‘new’ Date Picker, old pages that use the Deprecated JET Date Picker display it correctly.

I've searched solutions for this, but was unable to find any post with the same issue, so if someone is able to help, i'll be very thankful.

This post has been answered by Karel Ekema on Apr 2 2024
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Added on Apr 2 2024