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Oracle Always-Free DB - connecting from Spring Boot app - is wallet needed?

lucianobMar 29 2024


I'm a developer trying out OCI who is novice/new to devops concepts. I setup an ‘always free autonomous database. I’m able to connect to the database from a spring-boot webapp that I developed running on my local machine, using a url that looks like this:


I'd now like to deploy the spring-boot app to an ‘always free’ Oracle compute instance


When I configure the connection for the app (that will run on the OCI compute-instance),,, should it also use the “oracle wallet” connection as part of it's URL? Or I'm a looking to use a “local address”? I would think its a "local address" since now both the app and the database will be on OCI, as opposed to going over the internet?

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Added on Mar 29 2024