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Oracle 23c Free Installation

Jayakanthan SomasundaramJan 18 2024 — edited Jan 18 2024

When installing Oracle 23c Free Development using RPM, the oracle binaries getting installed in the default location "/etc/opt/oracle/product/23c/dbhomeFree" based on the configuration file in the RPM bundle “oracle-database-free-23c-1.0-1.el8.x86_64.rpm”. I want to install the oracle23c as per my organization standards.

Even when i extract the file from rpm file the files are getting extracted to /opt/oracle/product/23c/dbhomeFree/ . If i copy the folder dbhomeFree to our standard oracle home /u001/oracle/home/product/23c/db/ and tried to install using response file or through clone we are getting the below error "[FATAL] File not found /u001/home/oracle/product/23c/db/lib/libntcps_ee.a.dbl".

The installation trying to move all ee.dbl files to *.al files.

./runInstaller -ignorePrereq -waitforcompletion -silent -ignoreInternalDriverError -responseFile /u001/home/oracle/product/23c/db/db_install.rsp


$ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl $ORACLE_HOME/clone/bin/ ORACLE_BASE="/u001/home/oracle" ORACLE_HOME="/u001/home/oracle/product/23c/db" OSDBA_GROUP=dba OSOPER_GROUP=dba OSBACKUPDBA_GROUP=dba OSDGDBA_GROUP=dba OSKMDBA_GROUP=dba OSRACDBA_GROUP=dba -defaultHomeName

Please advise.

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Added on Jan 18 2024
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