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Oracle 19C Installer fails to Launch when Run as Administrator. Need help to resolve the issue

Sanil MadathilDec 15 2022 — edited Dec 15 2022

Hi Everyone,
Appreciate any help to resolve my issue with the Oracle 19C installer.
I have downloaded 19C from and extracted the same using the Winzip utility. After extraction, I renamed the extracted directory to "db_home". Moved the db_home directory to the root of my Hard Drive (c:\db_home). I have also made sure that there are no whitespaces either in the folder path.
When I try to run setup.exe as an administrator, the command prompt flashes for a split second, and nothing starts after that. I'm using a Lenovo Yoga6 laptop with Windows 11. I have enough RAM and storage space as mentioned in the pre-requisites. Also, I have Mcafee running on my system. I verified McAfee Firewall settings and it's not preventing the Oracle installer to run.
I am not sure why Oracle 19C Installer fails to launch. Is there any log where I can view what is preventing the Oracle installer to launch or the reason for the failure of the installer to launch? Appreciate any quick help in this regard
When I run the setup command from the command prompt, I get the following error message
Error: Could not find or load main class \AppData\Local\Temp\InstallActions2022-12-15_09-36-13PM
Am I missing anything here? Are there any prerequisite softwares required?

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Added on Dec 15 2022
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