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Oracle 19c docker image very slow to startup/configure

beckyjmcdMay 3 2021

I downloaded the Oracle 19c enterprise container from Oracle's container registry:,AI_REPOSITORY,AI_REPOSITORY_NAME,P4_REPOSITORY_NAME,P4_EULA_ID,P4_BUSINESS_AREA_ID:9,9,Oracle%20Database%20Enterprise%20Edition,Oracle%20Database%20Enterprise%20Edition,1,0&cs=3eBz1gZkm3MX_0p7QJOv3BIY_qox_qUQH1IBEOJh-37J7LhDe42BP3nbd7GtjvREwoLU7SpKRP-pCVRqgy55jzA
When I deploy the container to a Kubernetes cluster, it is taking ~17 minutes for the database to create/configure/initialize (i.e. ~17 minutes for the message "DATABASE IS READY TO USE!").
This significantly affects our CI/CD pipeline for running automated tests against the containerized oracle instance.
Is there anything that can be done to speed up the database initialization? Is this normal/expected?
What do other people do?

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Added on May 3 2021
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