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Oracle 19c (19.3) Silent Install Prompting for Oracle Home User Password Using MSA

User_YLH7JMar 3 2022 — edited Mar 4 2022

Windows 2012/2019
Hello gurus, according to the Oracle on-line system/installation help documentation, if you use an existing Managed Service Account (MSA) as the Oracle Home User (OHU), you don't need to specify a password during installation - so Oracle installers need not know MSA pwds during install. This works when I go thru the interactive install ("setup.exe"); the "Oracle Home User" section accepts/finds my domain MSA account and proceeds to install the software.
However when I try to run the install in batch mode/using the response file it generates from the GUI install, I get prompted for the OHU password. I notice that even after the GUI install tho, the Registry setting "ORACLE_SVCUSER_PWDREQ" shows a value of "1". The Oracle services (where we'll use the OHU acct as log-on cred) haven't even been created yet. I can see the need for the pwd later/during the service set-up, but why would this Reg value be "1" at any time, if Oracle supposedly doesn't need it.
I did find this interesting article about the issue, tho he used the GUI/his problem came post-install:
Managed Service Account vs Oracle Home User (0 Bytes)
Seems like after his steps the Reg value correctly stayed at "0" by itself post-install. So 1.) why does the silent install prompt for the pwd (when interactive doesn't), and 2.) why is the value set to "1"? Thx for your help!

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Added on Mar 3 2022