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Oracle 18c XE - Win10 Pro - installation hangs

AAndreiJan 23 2020 — edited Mar 26 2020


I am trying to install Oracle 18c XE on Win10 Pro with admin privileges and at about 90-95% progress, it just hangs ("Creating Oracle XE Database")... even when i cancel the operation, after i confirm that i want to cancel it, it doesn't do anything, so the only way to interrupt it is by ending the task. Afterwards, if i try to run the installer again, it says that Oracle is already installed, so i have to uninstall it manually (delete Oracle Win registers, Oracle home directory, Windows user/groups).

I've checked the previous conversations regarding this issue, applied the possible solutions (NetBIOS enabled) and still i get the same result.

Can you please advice what should i try to solve/get around this problem?

Please let me know if i need to attach any logs.

All the best,


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Added on Jan 23 2020