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Oracle 12c installation hangs [added specific log line]

paqtakAug 12 2019 — edited Aug 18 2019


I'm having issues installing Oracle 12c on my desktop, which is a Win8.1. Previously, I had Oracle 12c installed on this computer and was also able to install it today on my work computer, which is a Win10 laptop.

The installation goes past the CMD window but then it gets stuck on the menu. As you can see the menu is blank.

installation stuck.png

These are the last lines from the log file that must be creating the issue:

INFO: Validating state <supportedOSCheck>

INFO: Verifying target environment...

INFO: Checking whether the IP address of the localhost could be determined...

The installation gets stuck in the "Checking whether the IP address of the localhost could be determined..." part.

Could it be a blocked port? Has someone else experienced this issue?


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Added on Aug 12 2019
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