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ORA-36836 about cube dimensionality ???

664948Oct 13 2008 — edited Nov 24 2008
Hi there,

I've been trying lately to use AWM to build an OLAP cube based on some sample data I have related to phone communications. Up to now I've been able although painfuly to build four dimensions (date/time, a-number, b-number, exit cause) and a cube with measures "number of calls" and "total call duration". Currently everything seems to load correctly (dimensions and cube), however when I try to view the cube data I get the following message :

ORA-36836: The dimensionality of object OLAP.TRAFFIC is different than the view token

This doesn't make any sense to me, and I've not been able to find any explanation on the web, except for those two lines :

Cause: The dimensionality of the cube does not match the view token
Action: Check view token for unrelated hierarchies clauses

Well the remedy looks even worse than the disease, since this is even less understandable than the former.
Does anyone has a clue about what might be wrong here, or what to do to go forward ?

I'm using the free Oracle 11g on CentOS, I guess this must be the XE edition, and AWM was part of Oracle Client on Windows XP. This piece of software seems to be riddle with bugs, data not updating properly after changes, objects only partly deleted after a delete command, lots of "uncommitable" and java exceptions of all kinds... I've had several times to totally delete the whole aw and restart from scratch because AWM would not finish deleting some dimension of attribute. A real pain in the neck. Is this related to the fact that I'm using a free version and don't have access to patches ? Well I really wonder how can anyone do some serious development with this tool. Or am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help,
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