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ORA-12547 TNS:lost contact after SUCCESSFULL switchover

User_RKR51Sep 9 2022

i've got a setup of 2 instances in dataguard. First one primary and secondary standby.
There's a broker working and when i do switchover by command:
SWITCHOVER to standby
it gives me output that it is successful (no error, no gaps, everything works, even redo apply on standby). But there's the problem.
From now i cannot login "sqlplus / as sysdba" on standby host. Remote connections trough tns connect identifier works great but locally it gives me an error ORA-12547. Only reboot of host helps me to get rid of that error.
Also - the same error exists when i switch from standby to primary - and from now i cannot login without password to instance because of ora-12547 and i need to reboot.

So it's basically like: every instance that has been switched to be standby has the ora-12547 error.
I checked file permissions, relinking oracle binaries, soft limits and nothing helps me but reboot of actual standby host.
Where's the problem? Any ideas?

Oracle 19c, RHEL 8.5

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Added on Sep 9 2022
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