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ORA-02291 & ORA-02292 integrity constraint () violated - parent key not found & child record found

ThorstenGustAug 12 2020

Hi All,

I've some problems to understand the above errors. But maybe I understand correctly don't know, but maybe someone can help.

Anyway, we've configured an advanced replication between two sides let us say 1 and 2,  it does  only a data replication, no objects would be replicated. Means the objects are created before start the replication. Now, in a normal process, I understand correctly the advanced replication is responsible for any changes done on side 1 and/or side 2.

When the replication is working, we got errors like this below, but I'm not really sure what they mean correctly.

Error-Message : ORA-02291: integrity constraint (ABC.FK_TEST_TIME_ID_NACHRICH) violated - parent key not found

                           ORA-02292: integrity constraint (ABC.FK_TEST_CARD_DIX_ID_CARD_ZUSA) violated - child record found

Is it something about the data the replication tried to write in the table or is it because the replication tried the write data in a field which does not exist. Means at ORA-02291 the parent key 'FK_TEST_TIME_ID_NACHRICH' on side 2 in example does not exist and canot write data in it, or does it mean that the data is in example to big?

For the other error I think it should ean that he tried to write data in a table which is exist already, but not really sure.

Anyy help would be much apreciated !!

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Added on Aug 12 2020