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Optimistic Locking Issue in ADF - No Exception Thrown when Multiple Users Modify the Same Record

Enrico NoackFeb 15 2024


I recently encountered an issue with optimistic locking in In the previous versions (, when two users had the same record open in the master data form and made changes simultaneously, an exception was thrown when the second user tried to save their changes. However, in ADF, no exception is thrown, and the second user's changes overwrite the first user's changes.

I have verified that the optimistic locking settings are correctly configured in my application, so I believe this issue is specific to ADF To investigate further, I installed the latest ADF Bundle Patch to see if it helps resolve the problem, but unfortunately, it did not have any effect.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem or have any insights on how to resolve it?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Added on Feb 15 2024