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OpenScript: File Reference (Paths.get(), etc..) to load a file

sachs_caciNov 8 2021

I am new to OpenScript, but have been using Java for 10+ years. :)
I am not sure how OpenScript handles this, but in "regular Java", when you use the code
"File file = Paths.get(".\").toFile();
warn("File: " + file.getAbsolutePath());"
I would get the absolute path of the "" file, which in this case is "C:\OracleATS\OFT\Project23.All\Project23\.\", but in OpenScript when I playback, I get "C:\OracleATS\openScript\.\".

So what is the best way to load in a properties file or text file?

This post has been answered by sachs_caci on Nov 10 2021
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Added on Nov 8 2021
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