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Open custom link in chart in a new window

JabbampMar 13 2018 — edited Mar 13 2018
  • APEX version:
  • DB version, edition and host OS: Oracle 12c - Windows 10
  • Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener), server platform, and host OS: APEX listener. Linux server
  • Browser(s)/version(s) used: All of them
  • UI/Theme: Universal theme (42)
  • Templates: standard
  • Region type:  chart - AnyChart[Legacy]

Hi there.

Still trying to learn, and although I have not really had any working solutions here yet on my previous 2 posts (and no replies on the second one ), I am still trying and hope in the future to contribute better. But for now, I am still a total newbie looking for help.

I have a chart (Chart - AnyChart [Legacy]) which is a sectioned pie chart. It is linked to another page in same application using a custom target which sends 3 parameters: the return page id, the label (#LABEL#) and a boolen value. The resulting information is shown in an interactive report. This all works just as it should.

The users though would like the custom link to open the next page in a new window and I am stuck. How can I get the page that is linked to be shown in another window? There is no option to open such a custom link in a new window. I need to send the set items to the new window too.

Any ideas please?

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