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Open a PDB in a Standby Database

Alan SomozaSep 7 2020 — edited Sep 7 2020


I've been wondering if a weird configuration is posible or not, because I've been asked to implement this case and we are discussing if dataguard mutienant is what we need or not.

Let's see:

SERVER 1 (Primary)



PDB2 - not replicated

SERVER 2 (Standby)



PDB3 - not replicated

As far as I know, the configuration is correct. The question is, as is not replicated, and Server 2 CDB is able to be open... Is possible to open PDB3?

I mean, the objective would be to have a replicated PDB1 on dataguard, meanwhile we have 2 additional PDBs up and open, all within the same system. Of course, in my example PDB2 can be opened, but I can't find a way to open PDB3 in read-write.

Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance,

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Added on Sep 7 2020
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