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OPA v10.4 to 12 upgrade

2906125Jan 9 2017 — edited Jan 9 2017

Hi Team,

We are planning to upgrade of OPA from v10.4 to 12 in light of Siebel being upgraded from to IP 2015 patchset 18. We (in our current set up of OPA10.4 & Siebel are using only Determination server that is being invoked from Siebel through Policy Connector for rule execution.

We would like to know how could we embark upon journey of OPA upgrade and what are the different points to ponder for this:-

1. Is there change in architecture of  Policy Automation runs on Server in context of new component introduction? In current setup, OPA rulebase files  are deployed in Apache Tomcat and we invoke webservices through Siebel to receive rule execution result. How will execution flow in new version?

2. Migration of Existing projects ->

     a) How do we do migration of existing project and does it break existing rules?

     b) Is it required to test each and every rulebase exhaustively or could blended approach be utilized by testing only complex/critical rulebase?

3. With this new version, would mappings and Siebel connector become completely redundant? We have several process flow where we invoke Siebel WF "Policy Automation Assess" for OPA call through connector? How does it work in upgraded version?

Looking for response on this.

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Added on Jan 9 2017