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Only in the Chicago region, there are no permissions. Has this ever happened?

Takayuki NishioMar 16 2024 — edited Mar 16 2024


I'm having trouble and am having trouble. Any help is welcome.

I'm a Tenancy administrator. Belongs to the OCI_Administrators and IDCS_Administrators groups.

I have subscribed to 6 regions in total. Tokyo , Osaka , Johannesburg , Zurich and Chicago.

All operations are available in regions other than Chicago. Create Compute, create BaseDB, etc.

However, all operations are not available in the Chicago region. what is happening?Are there policy settings for regions?
ERROR Message:

You don’t have permission to view these resources in this compartment. Try another compartment, or contact your administrator for help.

# Subscribe Region

# Zurich ( no problem )

# Chicago ( PROBLEM!!! )

This post has been answered by Takayuki Nishio on Mar 22 2024
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Added on Mar 16 2024
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