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One question when insert large LOB with OCCI

1046432Oct 9 2013

Hello, everyone! I have encountered a problem when insert large LOB with OCCI. Hope I can get some solutions here.


const int SIZE_MAX = 100000;

const int BUFFER_SIZE = 1000;

Statement *stmt = conn->createStatement(

"Insert Into testtab(longcol) values (:1)");

stmt->setCharacterStreamMode(1, SIZE_MAX );


Stream *instream = stmt->getStream(1);

char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];

...// Fill buffer with data.

instream->writeBuffer(buffer, dataLen);

...// Fill buffer with data.

instream->writeLastBuffer(buffer, dataLen);


My Question:

The second parameter of setCharacterStreamMode (refer it as SIZE) seems to be the maximum data size to be inserted. That is to say, this value must be no less than the size of data to be inserted. But because in function setCharacterStreamMode, memory with size SIZE will be allocated, this incurs a problem: If the LOB data to be inserted is very large, such as 4G bytes, then SIZE must be at least 4G. But a request of 4G memory is impossible.

Dose there exist some ways to handle this problem. I need to insert large LOB data but I cannot affort the memory cost. By the way, I know another wayto insert LOB data, that is insert an empty LOB locator first and then find the record using "select" clause, then put the real LOB data. But this is not what I want since the "select" operation is not that convenient in my application.

Thanks !

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Added on Oct 9 2013