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one form to add data to multiple tables

User_1EUWLMay 6 2022 — edited May 6 2022

Schermafbeelding 2022-05-06 om 21.06.05.pngSchermafbeelding 2022-05-06 om 21.04.40.pngHi,
I'm new with oracle apex.
for a school draft I have a normalized database (country, city, municipality, correspondent, Person as spin off of the correspondent and institution as spin off of the correspondent table).
the database is fine, but the second part is to create forms to fill the database.
i want to have one form where i can type in the information about te person.
when I submit, I want to write the filled in in formation to the different database tables example by elk sql procedure. how can I do that in apex?

i have started creating a form whit items that shown or hide based on the type of correspondent you can fill in person details or institution details.

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Added on May 6 2022