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One canvas3D within JPanel within JTabbedPane

843799Nov 15 2009 — edited Dec 21 2009
Hi, I have one canvas within one Jpanel within one JTabbedPane.
sometimes (almost all the time) when I cycle through the tabs, the canvas jumps to the upper left corner of my frame (outside of the aforementioned panel).
canvas still works as intended however, but again, it misplaces itself. If I continue to cycle through the panes, it might jump back in place.

similar problem at this forum: [similar forum item|] with a solution that I do not understand (i will try it right now anyway), probably this has to do with swing threading that sun has forewarned about in this one and only note [sun swing/3d faq|].

I dont think I have graphics hardware acceleration, could this be a problem?

I am looking for someone to explain the above /quote solution /quote [similar forum item|]

Thank you all in advance,
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