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older software, mac client

Bill TorpeyMay 4 2016 — edited May 6 2016

I have a need to support addl. platforms for our aging TT installation, and I'm having trouble finding the appropriate software.

We're currently on (yes, I know -- an upgrade is on the roadmap, and has been for a while), running on Linux x86_64.  So far, so good.

Recently we started a new initiative, and for that I'm going to need to support access via client/server to both Windows and Mac clients for development and testing.  I didn't have the foresight to grab all the platforms back in the day, and I can't find them on the web site.

I've opened an SR, where the reply was simply to go to "patch and update at oracle MOS".  I figured out what that meant (I think), and I see some of the packages from that release, but no Mac client.  I'm pretty sure there was one at the time, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

So, my questions are:

  • Was there a Mac client for  If so, how can I get it?
  • I downloaded the Mac client for the latest version (, and it appears to connect OK to a my version 7 datastore.  Did I just get lucky, or is that by design?
  • What about Windows client/server?  Do I need an older version, or will the most recent drivers work with my version 7 datastore.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Added on May 4 2016