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OL6 to OL7 upgrade on RAID controller P410i

dave carvalhoDec 15 2022

Hello all.
I'm running a OL6 on a HP DL 380G6 as our e-mail server on an academic institution. Very robust and reliable throughout these years. Unfortunately, some applications are quiet old by now (openssl, for example) which don't assure my clients that much, particularly when connecting via ssh to the server and having to allow an older protocol.
I've been reading that the problem in these older HP servers is the array controller. I had this issue before on HP DL 380 G4 with a Smart Array 6i. No matter the kernel options I input (hpsa_allow_any=1 hpsa.hpsa_simple_mode=1) I couldn't upgrade for OL7.
On this server, the controller is a P410i, which is not listed in
(P400 and P400i are, and that's scary)
But nevertheless, I'd like to ask if someone made this upgrade and how. I can't do much experimenting, because people are checking the e-mail constantly.
Thanks and regards!

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Added on Dec 15 2022