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Oj-Table shows refreshing icon but not showing the data

Parupally SrikanthJan 12 2018 — edited Jan 19 2018

Hi All,

I am using JET Version 4, NetBeans : 8.2

I have developed a functionality to refresh the table based on the selection of drop down. I am doing it by doing ojCollection.fetch() on on-value-changed event of combobox.

This is working perfectly fine when run locally, however when we deploy it to server the table refresh is not happenining.

I have even tried to deliberately refresh the table using the refresh call :    $("MyTableID").ojTable("refresh"); , But this also doesnt help.

As we can see the table shows the spinning wheel icon but the data does not showup.


There is a work around for this, if we navigate to a different menu in the application  ( i.e, by menus I mean Incidents , Customers, menus that come with plain application    ) and come back to the page the data appears.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.



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Added on Jan 12 2018