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oj-list-view ArrayTableDataSource and ArrayDataProvider

Justin Michael RajNov 26 2018 — edited Nov 28 2018

I have a REST service and the response is a nested JSON structure - Json Array inside each Json Object (Parent and Child array structure).

I created a ojCollection of this Json response and created a CollectionTableDataSource.

This data source is used to create a oj-list-view using the keys in Json objects from the REST service.

This list is displayed fine, without any issues.

On clicking a list item, I want to display the underlying array as another list in the same page.

So I created a function 'showChildList' and set it up in the SELECTED attribute of oj-list-view component.

When I click on the list item, I get the event recieved in showChildList function.

event.detail.value contains the child json array.

1. I tried to pass this array directly to the child oj-list-view component. It did not work.

2. I created a ArrayDataProvider from this array and binded it as data to the child oj-list-view component. It did not work too.

3. I am trying to build a backbone collection out of this array, and then a CollectionTableDataSource. Then bind this data source with the child oj-list-view component. It did not work too.

I am repeating the same steps done for the parent List component. But its not working.

I am not able to figure out why it is not working.

I am not getting any error and also able to print the array being passed to the DataSource in the console.

But the child List component is not displayed.

Can someone please help me.

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Added on Nov 26 2018
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