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oj data grid selection

User_CDX3FOct 6 2021

I am using an oj data grid component in my project with selection mode as Cell. Whenever the user clicks on any cell, the on selection change method is called where i read the selected row and column index. Each row in My data grid shows the details about each employee. I have an delete icon in the last column. When the user hits the delete icon, that particular row is removed from the list. The UI is refreshed with the new data. However, the previously selected row and column is retained and highlighted. So now when I click on the next row or column which was highlighted in the previous selection, it does nothing. I want to programmatically, reset the selected column after every row deletion and let the user to explicitly select a row or cell when he wants to delete it. So how to programmatically reset column selection.


ojdata grid sample.txt (1.04 KB)

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Added on Oct 6 2021
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