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OIM 11g - User Not enabled After the job "enable user after start date"

def-enderOct 6 2012 — edited Oct 7 2012

I have a future hired user in OIM whose start date is set in OIM. The status of the user in OIM is 'Disabled Until Start Date'.

After the start date has passed and the scheduled job 'enable user after start date' is run, I see that the user is still in the status 'Disabled Until Start Date'. I re-run the scheduled job 'enable user after start date', this time manually, still the state of the user remains unchanged.

Please help in troubleshooting as to find out the root cause of the issue and a workaround/solution, if possible.

This issue is intermittent and has happened with quite a number of user. Any pointer would be helpful.


Sudipto S.
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