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OID & R12 integration

user602387Oct 29 2008
Hello all. I apologize for what is probably a very simple question for those of you that have used Oracle E Business Suite but...

I've been reading some documentation regarding provisioning between OID and R12 (FND_USER). If I understand this correctly, I can use OID's DIP engine or out of the box provisinoning capabilities of R12?

Also, could I theoretically deploy a custom OID DIP profile for this, or must I use out of the box solutions to support the GUID linking? I'm mainly an OID person, and I have had very little experience with Oracle e-business suite.

On a side note, we're also looking at SSO integration, but that looks straight forward so far. Register partner app, enable mod_osso on EBS HTTP (Apache) Server. Hopefully I'm not oversimplifying this...

Any advice, tips, pointers or lessons learned would be greatly appreciated.

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