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OIA - Iteratively created entity instances get „Unknown” as actual value in test cases

Boglárka NagyNov 29 2022

Hi OIA experts,
In our new project we would like to use complex test cases to ensure that all the rules work as intended. In the rule base “az ellátás sor” (benefit row) is an entity. The instances for benefit row entity are created iteratively.
Image1.png (16.08 KB)(Sorry for the Hungarian example. It’s similar to how example 5 works here: )
Upon exporting a test case, I found that when adding values for testing connected to iteratively created entity instances and running the test only the first instance gets an actual value, all other instances get “Unknown” as the actual value.
Image2.png (5.66 KB)The same test case opened in the debugger works properly:
Image3.png (29.39 KB) To make sure that it’s not a language specific issue and it’s not due to poorly written rules, I also exported a test case for the example I linked previously. The results are the same.
Image4.png (11.22 KB) Is this a bug, did I miss some settings, or is this a limitation in testing in OIA? Is there a workaround?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions,
Boglárka Nagy
from the Treasury team

This post has been answered by Richard Napier on Nov 29 2022
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Added on Nov 29 2022