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Offline Button greyed out in Smart View

JanGLiFeb 13 2017 — edited Feb 13 2017


I am trying to set-up my offline planning but the offline option is greyed out.These are the things that i have performed:

1 - I have installed smart view. (D:\Softwares\Oracle\SmartView)

2 - I have installed offline planning. (D:\Softwares\Oracle\OLPlanning)

3 - both on different locations.

4 - made my form offline accessible.

5 - set ENABLE_FOR_OFFLINE as true in application properties.

6 - used the hyperion planning URL to make data connection in smartview.

7 - offline button greyed out


I did went through this KD:605356.1


This thread

Still couldn't make it work.

Kindly help.

This post has been answered by JohnGoodwin on Feb 13 2017
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