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Oerr: String to number conversion failed in Oerr. [FIXED in 21.4]

user_2DKLANov 4 2021 — edited Dec 17 2021


SQL> show version
Oracle SQLDeveloper Command-Line (SQLcl) version: build: 

SQL> oerr -v


SQL> oerr ora 39826

Oerr: String to number conversion failed in Oerr

There seems to be a range of error codes between 34500 (give or take a few) and 40000 which trigger the above error.
The oerr binary from the full Oracle client returns the error details successfully:

: $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oerr ora 39826

39826, 0000, "Direct path load of view or synonym (%s.%s) could not be resolved."
// *Cause:   A synonym or view could not be translated.
// *Action:  Verify that the view or synonym is valid.

This is different from trying a non-existent error code:

SQL> oerr ora 1067

Oerr: No match found in Oerr.

ORA-01067 does not exist, so the above "No match" answer is correct. In any case, "String to number conversion failed in Oerr" doesn't look right.
Remark: same behaviour in SQL Developer 21.2.1.
Just thought I'd mention it...

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Added on Nov 4 2021