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OEPE for Eclipse Mars.1 running on Java 7 desktop?

listen RANJan 12 2016 — edited Jan 12 2016

I am trying to set up an existing WebLogic application in my Eclipse workspace. How can I set up WebLogic 10.3.3 as my server run-time environment?

My Eclipse environment is new, so I have eclipse mars.1. It runs fine on my desktop (JRE7).

After I installed the latest OEPE from I had trouble starting eclipse, because this OEPE needs Java 8. I reverted my eclipse installation and tried to install an older OEPE.

Based on the discussion in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse issue - need it to work with JDK 1.7, I tried to install the WebLogic Server Tools from OEPE at The installation fails, but suggests as remediation that I install version* of the WebLogic Server Tools instead. That version depends on Java 8, so it is not a good option for me.

Probably I would be fine if I installed Java 8 on my desktop, but what would be my best option if I need to stick with Java 7?

Should I use an older version of Eclipse instead of Mars.1?

My desktop WebLogic installation is 10.3.3, and includes jdk1.6 and oepe 11gR1 (with Eclipse Galileo).

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