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OEP consum OSB reporting JMS message, ClassCastException XmlAnyTypeImpl to XmlOjbect

Shane Bai-OracleDec 10 2015 — edited Dec 10 2015

Hi experts, I am working on something need to use OSB to consum the OSB reporting JMS message(I disabled the OSB reporting provider, so the reporting message will be left in the OSB reporting default JMS queue, and I can use a Inbound JMS adapter in OEP to pick it up). This message is a ObjectMessage, I used to have class not found exceptions at run time, but after I properly update the MANIFEST.MF file, this has been solved. But right now I am getting a ClassCastException, the code which causes the exception is not visible to me. Here is the details about the exception.

Looks like this might be an class loader issue, but I have no idea how can I force them to use the same class loader. If you have any thoughts, please replay, thank you so much.

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