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OEM Log Monitoring Question - return match rows

2631185Mar 13 2014 — edited Mar 19 2014

Hello all! New forum member here.  Our DBA's have long used OEM for our Oracle DB monitoring tool at my company. Recently we've decided to expand OEM's role in our organization to be our main monitoring tool for all of our AIX and Linux servers.   I am on the monitoring team, so I've taken over that role for basic server level monitoring.

Now that we've converted over all of our exsiting monitoring to OEM, I've got a question for you all. My question has to do with log monitoring. Our old monitoring tool used to send an alert for log monitors that contained the match line from the log files. OEM, as I'm sure you know, doesn't operate that way. It instead checks every X amount of minutes and then sends a notifcation that says basically "the search string was found X amount of times in the log file in the past X minutes". This naturally takes some adjustment for my users to get used to.  Although in certain cases, it's definitely nicer becuase it suppresses what would have resulted in a notification storm in the old tool.  Some people will be fine with this new arrangement over time, but others may not. They kind of need to know the specific line from the log file, ASAP. So I'm trying to find some alternatives.

Are any of you aware of any way for OEM to also return the actual lines from the log files, when a match is found? Instead of just telling us that it occurred X times? I'm not familiar enough with the tool yet, but I don't see a way to enable anything like that yet. Or if there's any way to work around it. Could we perhaps set up some kind of "corrective action" that would run a grep command on the line file, along with the match string we're searching for, and have it return back the matched lines? I suspect that the "last checked" timestamp would be an issue here. How about a command that would return matched lines that have occurred in the past 5 minutes or something?

What do you guys think? Any ideas for me?

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