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OEM Information Publisher Report from all DB target regarding Patch version

HariDba-OracleJan 18 2024

Hi Team,

We are planning to implement “OEM Information Publisher Report” to get the patch version of each DB target.

We need query to use .

We have query for RMAN Report - Similarly need for patch version.

SELECT start_time as "Start", end_time as "End", output_bytes / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 as "Size in GB", elapsed_Seconds / 60 as "Time taken in Minutes", input_type as "Type", output_device_type as "Device", status as "Status" FROM sysman.DB_BACKUP_HISTORY_E WHERE target_GUID = '<GUID of your database>' -- you may need to query SYSMAN.EM_ALL_TARGETS to get these details. and start_time>sysdate-1 ORDER BY start_time;


Hariram M

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