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OEM grafana plugin, using Custom(Target) series

User_DIADYNov 30 2022

I understood that I can get SQL queries results with the plugin, when I choose "Custom(Target)" series.
I defined a user in OEM, gave him the grants needed to display OEM's metrics (and this works, for the Custom(Repository), and gave access to the DBSNMP named credentials.

When I try to connect to a CDB or PDB (let's take OMR for example) as follows:
query type : non-timr series
series : Custom(Target)
Named Credentials : DBSNMP
Query : "select 1 a from dual;"
and the error I got is : "EM User lacks Run Any SQL priviliege"

Can you please help me understand what I missed ?

I have an OEM13.5 and grafana pluggin 2.0.0 (I have to upgrade Grafana in order to use a newer pluggin)

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Added on Nov 30 2022
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