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OEM Development Environment

Chris PettittSep 12 2019 — edited Sep 16 2019


First post here, so go gentle!

I've been working with Oracle Databases for a couple of years now (mainly 12c onwards) and more recently Oracle enterprise Manager (13.2 and 13.3 specifically).

I'm currently working on implementing a clean install of EM 13.3 with 19c Database - exciting stuff.

Just wondered if I was missing something around disposable test environments for OEM? I had a look for a Docker Image (or set of), but couldn't find any, so I assume it doesn't exist.

Now I don't really want to consistently go through the installer/creation of response files to build a working/running instance of OEM, when all I want to do is use a test environment for maybe one day to test a certain piece of functionality. Now, I'm not simply coming here to point out that this isn't something that is possible, I wanted to reach out to the wider community to see if this is something that might be useful? If it is, I'm prepared to look at this as an opportunity to build something which closely resembles the above.

Note that Docker was just an example, I'm not saying that any solution has to be built using Docker, many other tools are of course available.

Any and all feedback is welcomed!

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Added on Sep 12 2019