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OEM 13c custom plugin development

aidev.ukNov 22 2023

Hi, all. We (at AIDEV) have been developing custom plugins for OEM 13c (and previously, 12c) for a number of years now. We've a few plugins available on the Oracle extensibility exchange.

One thing we've found is that there is very little documentation on the subject, leaving developers to either try to work things out for themselves or to develop simple plugins based on modified versions of the basic sample code provided by Oracle. This scares most people away.

We created a white paper a few years ago which is still very much relevant - hopefully this can help some in the community to develop plugins for their own in-house apps/components. The OEM EDK is a powerful tool and creating custom targets plugins/metrics/jobs/reports can significantly help a business when it comes to centralised monitoring/administration of related components.

The paper covers the main aspects of plugin development, from initial metric definition, empdk usage and UI development through JET.

Hopefully it is of use to some of you :)

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Added on Nov 22 2023