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Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio


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ODP Tools for VS 2019 (side by side w/ 2022 preview 6/7)

jzibratFeb 11 2022

The usual update (after a VS update) for the ODP VS tools would not "take" after I installed VS 2022 side by side w/ 2019.
[here]: When using odp tools for visual studio, connect to database, an error: "Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed."
Also, now when starting VS 2019: "ODT for VS not configure properly. Do you want to fix the configuration?" (yes, of course I say!) Immediately, it jumps into the "Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Configuration Wizard" .. please close then ... " and before a user can react "as usual" to close VS then hit [Next], the tool errors "Failed to fix the configuration. Please try uninstalling and installing Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio." Which, I've done twice now - loop to "here". The "Add Connection" in VS's server explorer offers data sources: ODP.Net Managed and Unmanaged. How to fix this, miss the tools. Thanks.

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Added on Feb 11 2022