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OdiFileWait is waiting always the file

AgarciapMar 10 2016 — edited Mar 10 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with the OdiFileWait, when I run some scenario with an OfiDileWait, it gets stuck in this step always waiting the file. The file exist in the main folder where usually we take the files, and it's wierd because I'm having only problems with files when I'm using OdiFileWait.

For example, I have one scenario that the mapping is a table that gets data from a File, and is working perfectly because if I take off this file from the main folder then the mapping gets an error, file doesn't exist. Is wierd because this one is working but the OdiFileWait that takes different file from the same folder not.

So, anyone knows what's happening there?

PD: I have one variable that takes the directory and is the same in both, data file to table tan file from the OdiFileWait.

Thanks for everything

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